Texas Bar Foundation 50th Anniversary

2015 Texas Bar Foundation Annual Report

McCraw Design designed the identity for the Texas Bar Foundation’s 50th year anniversary. The first piece of collateral showcasing the new identity will be the 2015 Annual Report.

This year, the Foundation will award a record $1 million in grants. Fellows’ support has truly made a difference to a diverse group of worthy programs and individuals across the state.

In celebrating the Foundation’s 50th anniversary, we applaud the impressive milestones and goals reached. In 1965, the Texas legal community envisioned the need for an organization dedicated to advancing the system of justice. That vision created the Texas Bar Foundation, originally chartered by 255 Texas lawyers, an impressive number back then. Now membership consists of over 8,500 Fellows of Texas’ finest attorneys. During its five decades, the Foundation has awarded more than $16 million in grants to charitable organizations across Texas. The devotion of its founders and continued Fellows support has made the Texas Bar Foundation the largest charitably funded bar foundation in the nation.